A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Example Focus Area and coursework for a Business Major

A Business major wishing to work internationally might explore courses in the focus area Environmental Explorations or Ideas about the Environment in preparing to work in the international environmental field.

An example of this composition of the minor for this student could look like:

Step 1. Introductory course

An example introductory course for a Business major could be:

  • GEOG 030 Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems

Step 2. Nine credits from focus area courses

Selecting the Focus Area C, Environmental Explorations, you could choose one course each from social science, natural science, and arts and humanities, for example:

  • PL SC 412 International Political Economy
  • GEOSC 020 Planet Earth
  • PHIL 403 Environmental Ethics

Alternatively, a Business major might also choose to pursue the focus area of Ideas about the Environment and take courses such as:

  • ECON 428 Environmental Economics
  • GEOG 123 Geography of Developing World
  • HIST 110 Nature and History

Step 3. Additional 400-level course

Step three would be to choose an additional 400-level environment-related course outside the disciplinary group of your major, for example:

  • W F S/ FOR 430 Conservation Biology or
  • GEOG 430 Human Use of the Environment.

Step 4. Final capstone course

As your final course you could take, for example:

  • ERM 430 Pollution Impacts to Terrestrial Ecosystems