A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Example Focus Area and coursework for a Biology Major

A Biology major might want to select either the Environment and Society or the Ideas About the Environment focus area to compliment their knowledge of ecosystems.

Step 1. Introductory course

For example, as the introductory course, you could use ANTH 45 Cultural Anthropology.

Step 2. Nine credits from focus area courses

From the focus area Ideas about the Environment, you could choose, for example:

  • HIST 110 Nature and History;
  • AG 160 Introduction to Ethics and Issues in Agriculture;
  • SOILS 71 Environmental Sustainability.

Step 3. Additional 400-Level course

Step three would be to choose an additional 400-level environment-related course outside the disciplinary group of your major, for example:

  • HIST 453 American Environmental History

Step 4. Final capstone course

To wrap up the minor's requirements. for your final capstone course you could choose for example:

  • FOR/W F S 430 Conservation Biology or
  • GEOG 430 Human use of the Environment